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Piiggy Bank Blockchain Labs was founded by serial entrepreneur Kevin L. Walker, for the purpose developing products, services, software, and/or applications that add true substance and value to communities around the world. Crafting beautiful code is a desired preference for any passionate developers, however use experience is a paramount focus of Piiggy Bank team. By utilizing our network of seasoned professionals, specialized software, blockchain technology, advanced in-house marketing techniques and strategies, digital assets, and cryptocurrency, we aim to create a valuable ecosystem of resources, services, and products that have real world utility.

We are extremely enthusiastic about blockchain technology and it’s possible applications, however we understand that not every project is suited for the blockchain., which is why we also develop products off the blockchain. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies cannot sustain themselves purely on speculation, and our team of passionate developers, creators, and professionals are dedicated to providing our users with seamless user experiences in environments they are already familiar, while utilizing blockchain technology and/or cryptocurrencies.

Thank you for all your support and feedback, and we look forward to delivery as much value as we can!

– The Piiggy Team