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Images are only development images, and the UI and display will be much cleaner and smoother. We will update as we progress!

Piiggy Bank Application offers users a fast, private, and easy-to-use encrypted real-time chat messaging, High definition video calling, and the ability to manage your assets/finances and set budgets (cash,credit,cryptocurrency,loans, and more) all in one private and secure space/Piiggy Bank! The Piiggy team centers its approach around its target users to provide a seamless user experience and is dedicated to providing it’s users with a fluid platform/interface that they can use in their daily lives, that adds value to their lives, helps them grow, and promotes financial wellness!

Key Features

The Piiggy Team is dedicated to providing it’s users with a seamless platform that they can use in their daily lives, that adds value to their lives, helps them grow, and promotes financial wellness!

Use Piiggy securely with ease, via your unique biometric fingerprint or a unique passcode.

Ensuring Piiggy is a safe and private space is paramount to us.

All Piiggy communications are encrypted for optimal privacy using a unique encryption algorithm. This means any messages sent and/or received will only be seen by the parties included in the secure communication.

We strongly believe blockchain technology and cryptocurrency will revolutionize the world, and that we will one day be a “cash-less society.” Piiggy allows users to efficiently, effectively, and securely managing their assets and essentials while on the go, thus increasing their ability to achieve financial wellness. We want to empower the people by providing them with their own personal and secure, Piiggy Bank.

Users can manage assets such like:

  • Cash Holdings
  • Cryptocurrency Holdings

With Piiggy’s intuitive user interface users can set and manage financial goals & expenses with ease. Multiple Piiggy App users can be added to each ‘Goal’ and each user has the option to be assigned ‘Approval Power’ for each goal they are added to.

Users create, set, and even share goals such as: paying off credit card debt, saving for specific purchase, saving for a special event, and more.


With this unique compilation of management tools, users can improve and strengthen their finance wellness.

Piiggy App Send and receive files

Piiggy users can Send and Receive Files via the application, which are encrypted from end to end for optimal privacy and security.

Speak with friends, family, colleagues, and more locally or in another country, by simply using your cell phone’s internet connection.

Piiggy utilizes a cloud based server, which are distributed worldwide. Users can conveniently sync multiple devices securely with speed.

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